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We do this by healing the wounded feminine, and by remembering our connection to our divine, wild, and source of creative energy—our Cosmic Mother. When we do the work of healing our nervous systems, opening our hearts, to receive her, we experience the boundless love that created us, that is part of us. This power is a fierce and compassionate force. Patriarchal structures are threatened by this power. And overtime, women have learned to adapt, and conform in order to survive. We hold these patterns in our bodies, and it shows up each time we censor ourselves, or in conflicts with our mothers, or when when women compete with each other. It arises when we discount our reality, each time we postpone our joy, hold back from our fullest expression, or when we fight, flee, or fawn in the presence of perceived authority. Some of these patterns are collective. Some are ancestral. Other structures, are from traumas that have happened to us. Healing in a community of women is the way to #restorethematristic Join myself and Luzclara Camus for a shamanic healing retreat to heal the wounded feminine, surrounded by a true sisterhood. This retreat is about purification, and liberation of the patterns that bind and constrict. It’s about restoration and receiving yourself fully. It’s about learning to live as an anchor for the divine feminine, fully embodied and present, in order to lead in the world and express and share your gifts with the world. It’s about reclaiming and remembering your wild-hearted wisdom. JOIN US! Resting in the Arms of the Pachamama A Shamanic & Somatic Embodiment Retreat January 26-February 4, 2023 at Equilibrium Healing Resort and Spa Over the course of 9 days, you will engage in a process of somatic and spiritual liberation of the patriarchal structures in your body-mind-ancestral lineage to find your most wild and essential self, outside of the conditioning we have internalized as women. Each day will begin with a purification ceremony and ritual to ground, and connect you with the elements of nature. After breakfast, Luzclara and Amy will guide you through different practices and rituals, to support you in liberating patriarchal patterns, and ancestral traumas stored in your body. Throughout the week, we’ll guide you through ceremonies, practices and rituals to support you in purifying you body-mind-spirit from what holds you back from being your most wild, fully expressed divine feminine being. Message me for details. Or, click the link in the chat below! Join us! Registration now open.


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