Wonderful oportunity to ride through the Colca Cañon in Arequipa with an amazon woman, Kity Campbell from Canada and her beautiful horses.

In this journey of empowerment and healing you will find your amazon self and make a strong connection with your horse.

Our emphasis will be to connect to Mother Earth and the ancestors and heal the most deep wounds. We will assist you in this process touching every level of your being with ceremonies in power places, in the hot springs and in daily circles where we will share deep about the Goddess mysteries. We will celebrate rituals of initiation that will allow you to leave behind those parts of your being that you don´t need anymore and will have the opportunity of discovering those gifts that are waiting to make your life more complete and fulfilled.

The places we are riding it is a zone that is not visited much. During all the route we will observe monumental geological configurations with animal and human faces. We will visit archeological sites with their artesans and traditions. We will bathe in the hot springs along the road and visit indigenous textile places.

We will arrive to Arequipa to travel that same day to sleep the first night in Yanque in the Colca zone where we will start our journey by horse next day.

Each participant must bring:

- sleeping bag for 0 degrees

- sleeping mat to sleep in the tent

- personal clothes for riding, walk and sleep. Several layers

- bathing suit and a small towel

- rain gear

- personal higiene products, biodegradable please

- scarf for the neck (protection from dust)

- sun glasses

- Hat for the sun with string for riding

- boots or closed shoes with small heels that would be good for riding and walking

- sandals for the resting times

- sun blockage

- personal camera

- Passport

The organizers have protection helmets and leather chaps for everyone. Each horse is equiped with a comfortable saddle with wool leather, saddle bags for personal ítems and we have all the necessary equipment for first aids. A vehicle will be following the route with food and support.

Day 1) 7.30 am – The group will travel from Yanque in a car 1.2 hours to where the route starts.

9.00 am – We give each participant their horse and give a lesson on riding.

9.30 am - We ride from the Colca Door an impresive rock formation until lunch in the countryside in the Pulpera community, a comunal operation of cattle and milk organic products. We arrive to the caves of Mollepuncu to observe the pre inca rock paintings. We will sleep in tents in the place. Fire and circle at night.

Day 2) Breakfast in the countryside. Ceremonies and rituals with Luzclara and Andrea taking our lunch and coming back to a fire, dinner and sleeping in the camp.

Activity of connection to your horse.

Day 3) 7.30 am – Breakfast in camp.

9.00 am - We continue riding passing by the Enchanted Castles (zone of monumental rocks) and other impressive geological formations of Callali, the alpaca capital of the Colca Valley. Lunch in the countryside near the village and contuining to Rumy Llacta (the Stone City) arriving to the village of Sibayo where we will sleep in rustic houses. Dinner organized by the settlers of Sibayo.

Day 4) 9.30 am Power walk with Luzclara and Andrea taking our lunch.

2.00 pm Back to the village for a workshop about wool and traditional textiles with local artisans.

6.00 pm Cooking class and dinner. Sleeping in houses.

Day 5) 7.00 am - Breakfast in the houses

9.00 am -We will ride from Sibayo following the Colca River to arrive to the Ipo hotsrings where we will bathe and have lunch.

1.00 pm -We continue on the ancestral road observing the dam of the Tuti community until we arrive to the village of Canocota where we will sleep in tents. (Optional to sleep in houses).

Day 6) 7.30 am - Breakfast in camp

9.00 am - We ride from Canocota observing the impressive geological formation of the

Throat Canon over the Colca river on an ancestral road passing by aricultural places and zones of hotsprings called La Calera where we will have lunch.

  1. pm – We will cross the Inca bridge of Chivay until we arrive to the village of Coporque , place of rest. There we will go to the hotsprings and we will have dinner and sleep in houses.

Day 7) 7.30 am – Breakfast in the house.

9.00 am – We continue riding to Yanque passing thorugh old villages and agricultural fields crossing a very old colonial bridge to arrive to Yanque.

12.30 pm – End of the route. Lunch at Alpaca Chef, rest and sleeping at Bed & Breakfast Miski Wasi in Yanque. Optional hotsprings of Yanque.

On the way back to Arequipa next day we will visit the archeological site of Uyo Uyo and some other on the way.

From where the route starts day 1 to the end of day 7 at 12.30 pm everything is included, accomodations, wáter, snacks, food and activities. Also two nights hotel in Yanque.

Not included personal shopping of food, handicrafts or alcohol, airfare to Arequipa, food in Yanque and one night hotel in Arequipa if necessary. Also tips.

Ayni: U$2.500 dlls.

For information and registration: luzclara1111@gmail.com

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