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Horse Riding in the Andes of Chile


Luzclara initiated in the native healing traditions of the Americas, would like to invite you to an enlivening journey of the soul. We’ll travel to the Chilean Andes to dream with our eyes open during a spectacular ten day journey of healing and ceremony. Our emphasis will be to connect to our Mother and allow her to hold us while we heal our deepest wounds. We’ll assist you in your healing process touching every level of your being with herbs, sound, water, fire and pure light.You’ll witness ancient healing ceremonies like the traditional Machitún from the Mapuche people and you’ll experience how we invite the spirits of the Earth to join with us. You’ll go through rites of passages that will allow you to leave behind those parts of yourself that no longer serve you and you’ll have the opportunity to discover those gifts that are waiting for you to have a more fulfilling live.


Most of our days will be spent in a comfortable and warm camping setting in the mountains with healthy vegetarian meals. Non-strenuous hiking and or walking will be necessary and horse back riding will be an experience. Before and after the journey to the Mountain there will be optional massages and facilities to replenish your body, mind and soul. Optional individual healing sessions will be offered.

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...Traveling By Horse And Pack Mule To Camp Deep In The Andes Mountains...


Among The Serene Apus, Eagles And Condors, Deep Valleys,
Vast Fields Of Wild Flowers With Virgin Springs And Crystalline Waters...

A Time For Inner Work Of Solitary Vision Questing And Personal Transformations...


Note: If you organize a group of minimum 10 women you come for free, ticket included. We travel during the months of December and January, summer time in Chile.

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